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TorchesOn Privacy Policy

  • Hello Every One, I’m Eiad Ghaith the TorchesOn owner and developer, committed to securing your privacy when you visit TorchesOn (TO) and communicate electronically, This page explains the
    manner in which any personal information you provide to TO, and the ways in which TorchesOn collects, processes, stores, shares and protects those information, the purposes for doing so and the rights of the users in that regard.

  • • Site owner details
    Eiad Ghaith – software engineer, the TorchesOn Owner and developer.

  • • Information collected and stored
    The information that TorchesOn collects from visitors are as below:
    • * IP addresses
    • * Access dates and times and page name.

  • • The information that TorchesOn collects from members are as below:
    • * Names
    • * E-mail addresses
    • * Access dates and times and page name
    • * User-contributed materials such as collections, sections, series, topics, links
    • * Log Files.

  • • Use and sharing of Information:
    • * All information provided by users is treated in strict confidence and is not sold or shared with any third party that is not authorized to access it.

    • * Information use cases:

      1- Developing the services provided by the website.

      2- Contracting with a third party to develop the services TO provides, after committing not to share any information that is inconsistent with this privacy statement.

  • • Rationales to use those Information:
    • * TorchesOn collects email information in the membership list to:
      1- As a necessity to ensure email verification.

      2- As a necessity to be used as a member ID.

      3- As a necessity to have, the ability to apply all the activities related to the member like (adding, editing for collections, sections, series and items).

      * TorchesOn may also use your log to provide you with relative items to your preferences and with special offers.

  • • Means to collect those Information:
    • * TorchesOn collects those information via webforms, and the log code methods.

  • • Agreement to the privacy statement:
    • * By using the site, you agree to this privacy statement.

      We update this statement from time to time, so please visit the Privacy Statement page frequently to stay aware of the updates.

    • * For more inquiries, please contact us at: info@torcheson.com